Caught Up Catching ’Em All

For this month, our theme (preaching) is the balance between Technology and Theology I thought I will never be a victim of this until yesterday.

PokemonGo was officially launched in our territory just last weekend, and even when it is just only a few days available you can see its impact on the society — everybody is so caught up catching ’em all.

I told myself never to get addicted to this game, as this will be dangerous for me — a person who is easily distracted on the road, an accident-magnet if you will (I might trip you know!). I installed the application last weekend, but since there were no “activities” in our house I wasn’t fully paying attention to it. Then came Monday, when I got to go to a certain watery place that I saw the glory of PoGo. It was a good app — very good in fact — and you can see that everyone will eventually be LURED by it (see how I used PoGo terms? haha) if not now. But I was not really playing all out last Monday, cause I was enjoying the place. Then came Tuesday, since workload is a bit light and everyone around is playing I decided to go with it.

Within minutes my level increased, I caught so many Pokemon I never really wanted to stop to the point my phone is as hot as the microwave (lol no!). It’s like Pokemons are resurfacing every 3 minutes — my location was a PoGo haven, other might say. I am in close range of 3 PokeStops and every time they are ready I just spin and will have items for my PoGo journey. I wanted to see more, as the day ends the same Pokemons are revealing itself all over again. I decided to walk a few blocks away from the office and check other stops (talking about addict. haha!). I told myself, I was hungry, I actually made myself believe that (I am a little hungry though) so I walked further away from where I usually board to go home. Roamed a bit longer then decided to go home (My walk was disappointing by the way, I never caught new Pokemons). Since this previous terminal was closer to where I was, (the main reason I decided to go there was there was a terminal nearby, so I wouldn’t have problem going home) I thought it was easier for me to go home. I just fell in line for a short time and was seated afterwards. I was happy and ecstatic! But came the problem — congested traffic. Never did I know that by that time, the traffic will be terrible. And since this a farther route, it will take us a long time to be out of the congestion — I am now starting to regret my decision. It took us almost an hour just to get out of the congestion, I should’ve been in the house already.

When I was home, I know I should be reading #2 in Cupidity book (I decided to take the list one day at a time to properly digest and meditate on it) but since I was already tired and had to clean my room also, I skipped Day#2 — the horror!!! Now where is the balance I am talking about? NONE. I now realized what our Pastor was preaching. Have I not be an addict and walked straight home, I would probably finish DAY#2 — BALANCE.

Now I see people walking like a Zombie, never really knowing where they go — I don’t want to be like this but yesterday I was one of the mindless people walking. I’m also afraid news would break that something bad happened and the cause is playing PoGo (let’s pray hard none of that happens). I did not say I stopped playing, I manage my playing habits. I also do not want to be fired just because my boss caught me catching Pokemons or battling in the gym during workhours!! Now that is too much! Being a Gym Master does not give us salary, work does!

See, technology is given to us to aid our life, make it easier for us. Let us not abuse it and make our lives depend on it. I was happy the only social media I maintain now is twitter (I consider this twitter as well, but not contained within 160 characters, haha!). Balance is the key. I am blessed I came to realize this, or else I might skipped Day#3 today and played instead. And when I skip Day#3, I will become emotionally unstable again and would result to another heartache — ouch!

So I pray and hope you will also have the same realizations as I did — not totally stop playing but play in moderation — have a life. I don’t think the feeling of fulfillment is the same as in making a friend and catching all pokemons — completing the Pokedex. I pray God will make us see the importance of balancing our life with technology being present. So don’t get caught up catching ’em all! Instead catch some souls, be fishers of men. 😉


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