A Love Like No Other

Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach the first time someone said “I love you”. The first date? Or perhaps the first kiss? When you can’t take the person out of your mind, and that all you want is to be with them, talk to them. You even wake-up in the wee hours thinking about how great they are! I am sure you felt it too — the joy of love! Or simply just L-O-V-E.

That is what I am feeling right now — a crazy person who is madly and deeply in love. But, I have a secret to tell, I am not in love with a person, aha! Then to whom you might ask? Are you ready to know the answer? Well then, don’t be surprised — no other than the Creator of love Himself — God.

This is the first time I’ve felt this longing — and I have know Him for quite a long time now. I want to talk to Him, everything I do I want to tell Him. I even think if people will see me talking to myself they would tell I should get myself checked mentally. LOL! I’m fine guys. I just can’t contain it!! It is an unexplainable feeling, I cannot fathom the peace and joy that I am feeling right now — it is a mystery! It is unknown, but its power is strong.

You might be curious as to how to feel the same way I do? A simple answer is all I have my dear friends — all you have todo is ASK. Yes my friends, ask Him, the Creator of love, to come into your life; Ask Him to touch your life the way He touched mine; Ask Him to open your hearts and seek His face. Mind you guys: we have to ASK! We have to invite Him in our lives, to let Him work His wonders, to surrender — and by surrender I mean full and total surrender!

I pray that you will have this kind of relationship — its fulfilling beyond what one can compare! And I am sure this love that I am talking about will never ever ever fail! Once you are in this committed relationship with God; He will never let you down, He will never ever leave you. Only He can be true to that promise.

I invite you to ask Him to show wonders in your life and you will never be the same again. Do not hesitate, the time is now…go ahead, don’t be shy — ask Him, He’ll never say no. 😉

Share the word. Share the gospel. To God be the glory.


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