I realized I have been in a relationship for 7 years [including the courting phase] — almost 4 years with my first ex then 3 years with my recently ex (as of editing this, haha!). And within that time frame, I wasn’t really able to take care of myself — as in really take good care of myself (I depend that responsibility to my partner). Yes, I do buy things for myself, and eventually that became the definition of taking care of myself.

During my college days, I was going to the gym, but due to school work and schedule, I stopped. Last May 16, I recently enrolled to gym, but due to work schedule, I was not really devoting myself to it (and most of the times I feel so lazy). I forgot how to treat and take care of myself. I became focused on other people’s happiness I sometimes tend to forget mine. I take their feelings too much, and I would careless of how it made me feel. So from now on, instead of focusing on things I have no control, I will just take care — ME.

This will be the greatest gift for my self.

Not that I will be selfish, it’s just that I will try and think of myself too. I will try and include me, not to give myself too much to others, but to God alone. I realized I have to know my self worth — after all I am a child of God.

I hope you too can have this kind of perspective in life. That YOU too are as equally important as others. God loves YOU just the way you are and He wants YOU to take care of YOURSELF while taking care of others.


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