Letters To My Mama and Papa, After a Heartbreak

To my loving parents, Mama and Papa, I’m sorry. My heart is yet again broken, but don’t worry as time goes by I am getting ok. I know it hurts you more than it hurts me, to see your only daughter go through the pain of heartbreak — again.

Thank you for letting me experience the roller coaster ride of being in love, for supporting me through my decisions and accepting the man I chose wholeheartedly, sadly what we thought was the one — wasn’t. But it’s ok, Ma, Pa… I’ll get by. The world is teaching me something, to make me wiser, to make me stronger. God is with me in this journey.

Thank you for asking daily if I’m doing well, with your love and guidance I will do great. Thank you for telling me how much I worth, assuring me I am precious and I will find the right man someday.

Sorry, if I too broke your heart. I know how hard it is to hear the sad news — but look! I did not cry from telling an old tale, in fact it hurts a little now.

You know me well enough, how I cope up with the pain. Don’t worry, I’m eating now — I had rice for breakfast, I even bought cookies for snacks. I’m smiling again, little by little. I’m laughing again to jokes. I’m making myself busy — look at what I have accomplished- I am turning into an automation expert. I am now a permanent employee of the company. Your daughter who thinks like a 6 year-old but is really a 24 year-old, is blooming, slowly but surely, into a woman of substance.

Don’t worry Ma, Pa, the time comes I’ll be free from all this. I know my Knight is out there waiting for me, I’ll wait on God — for His perfect timing.

When Papa is home, I’ll be happy to be your third wheel. I miss our Friday night outs, listening to serenades and sweet songs. Thank you for always tagging me along — just like how I moved on from the first.

I’ll have more time with you and my brothers now, I’ll make sure to spend it wisely. I know I’ll heal fast cause you, Ma and Pa, my rock, is strong. You raised me a fighter — I’ll never quit.

I love you Mama and Papa. Thank you so much! Don’t worry too much, I’m handling it well. ☺

Next time I’ll listen well, your approval shall be the first one I get. You must like him dearly, you must approve of him

Love always,

Your only and eldest daughter whom you treat as if I am the youngest of us — your only princess —


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