Standard #7: Loyal, Honest and Trustworthy

“He who pursues righteousness and loyalty Finds life, righteousness and honor.” — Proverbs 21:21 NIV

Cheating is a conscious choice.

Loyalty and honesty is always (well for me, haha!) associated with cheating (big no!). For me this is a deal breaker — if you have, in anyway and in any form cheated, then you might be out of my life. Why? (You might say I’m harsh in my decision, that I am just overwhelmed with feelings, well — because it is a choice, just as love is a choice) Because if you choose to do it once how sure am I that you will not choose to do it again? I have given you my whole trust yet you chose broke it. You decided that I am not good enough for you.

Honesty and trust in a relationship is very important. When their stories became inconsistent and they can no longer sustain the “act” — they are hiding something — most probably someone (but be careful not to judge people, look out for definitive actions). You have the choice to turn the other cheek and walk away, yet because she is beautiful? charming? You will entertain her?

I cannot understand why does the “third party” want someone who is already attached? Are you high? Maybe you want to get yourself checked. There are many single person around, why target someone who’s already taken? If you want to commit sin, do it yourself — don’t take someone with you on the grave that you dug yourself. You’re ruining the relationship.

And you guys! (even girls for that matter) If your girlfriend (boyfriend) has already told you she (he) had a bad feeling with some girl (boy), listen to her (him) well. You should guard your heart twice (even trice!) now that you are in a relationship than when you are single. Never fall into the trap of some person just to ruin your relationship — God-centered relationship, that you prayed for. Isn’t she the person you wanted to marry? Never exchange the “spur of the moment” feeling with forever —cause if you do you’ll regret that decision forever. Turn that cheek away now. Ask God for help in this area for you alone cannot do it by yourself, don’t get your record be tainted. Have the spirit of self-restraint.

Now girls, if your boyfriend has cheated on you, it is actually up to you how many times you’re gonna forgive him and let go of him. You are worth the loyalty and honesty — you are the princess of God, never let him tell you otherwise. Pray to God for strength to do what needs to be done. Also to forgive both of them from their actions and let God do the work — Never think of any revenge, we have our Father who is just. Stay classy, never trashy.

For you “third party people”, stop! Just please stop! Are you out of your minds? You must be, cause no one in their right mind would enjoy and take pleasure destroying a relationship. Use your mind not your heart — heart is deceiving. I pray that God will touch your lives. I pray that you will be freed from the bondage of being “the third party” — because no matter how good-looking you are, you’re image and character is already tainted. God will forgive you, turn away from it now. If you want to have a relationship — a real relationship, then start with God, everything else will fall perfectly.

If you are deliberately choosing not to be honest and loyal — certified womanizer, jumps in from one relationship to another faster than the speed of light, leaving behind trails of shattered hearts and flood of tears — take this as a warning. You made her cry, the princess of God, expect that He is counting all the tears that fell in her eyes at night because of you and He will surely make you accountable for it. You may not feel it now, but soon you’ll regret every action you made. So if I were you, stick to one person. Pray over this weakness of yours. God will help you get out of it as well as sustain the loyalty and honesty so you could be trustworthy. Ask for forgiveness.

If you are loyal and honest. If you have gained the trust of your partners already, protect it and look out for people who will polute your clean record — for once it is compromised it will never be erased. People will look at you with that mindset. Pray to God to sustain your loyalty and honesty.

Now if you are reading this and is convicted of what you are doing. Do not use any excuse to end up the relationship. Tell the truth, it will set you free. God can see your heart, your true intentions.

This topic is very serious for me (that is because of the absence of my fillers, haha!). I pray to God to give us eyes capable of discerning the truth from lie and the heart that will know other people’s true intentions. Guard your heart ladies (and gents), guard them well.

Before we end, I’ll leave this verse to all of you to ponder. Let us all look at Ruth and pray to God to help us be loyal and honest, so that our partners would trust us. Ask God to be in the center of the relationship. To seek him first above all else.

“But Ruth replied, “Don’t ask me to leave you and turn back. Wherever you go, I will go; wherever you live, I will live. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.” — Ruth 1:16

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