A poem created for the love of my life (not really good at making one, so please bear with me. This one is from the heart, my gift to YOU!)

Hello my future, I’m excited to meet you!
How have you been, do I know you?

My dear every night I pray for you,
I hope you can hear my heart say “I love you”.

Right now God is preparing you for me,
I am also preparing myself for you.

I know you will be with me at the right time,
At the right moment, it will be sublime.

Maybe it is when I know how to do laundry
or maybe even when I can budget correctly.

Stars might be the only one we have in common today,
hold on to that. My love, we’ll meet someday.

I know you’ll fight for me, even when things are bad.
And you’ll never ever let go of my hand.

You’ll love my flaws and accept my past,
Perfect love is what you will cast.

I’ll heal myself, be my 100%,
So that when we’re already together it will be well spent.

I’ll love you now even when I can’t see you,
I’ll give my heart even when I can’t feel you.

Guard my heart for others who wants to break it.
For you, my love, is worthy of it.

For now I’ll love you from a far.
Until the distance between us is ajar.


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