Many times, God let me experience Matthew 6:33 first hand. One time is when I was planning to open a new savings account, that was supposedly at the end of the month — but God had another plan for me, He gave me more than I could have and I got to open my savings account a month earlier. Second was when He gave me a big blessing in the form of Beauty, which I happen to write on my life plan several years ago — His timing is truly perfect. God has truly been faithful, His blessings are abundantly everywhere and are given graciously everyday.

As I turn 25 this month, I thought of making 25 people smile, just as God is making me smile every single day. I shared my little plan with my mum and she agreed, she even helped me complete the plan and even to look out for 25 random people. So, instead of breaking-in Beauty (Yes, Beauty is a car) with no purpose, we used her to drive and look out for 25 people — hitting two birds with one stone.

I never thought it would affect me so much. I started this with the thought of me being a blessing to 25 random poeple, less I know they were the ones that blessed me. I do not really know them, but their warm smile as well as their thank you’s was more than material things in life. I will never forget their smiles. If my mum and my brother was not with me, I might have cried — of how good God is to me and my family. Each and everyone of them, their smiles made my day(s).

The journey has been a blessing.

A quarter of a century’s journey is not a joke —But God is sustaining me and I believe will continue on. His grace extends to me and my family every single second of the day. His unwaivering love is felt everyday. Thank you Lord for everything. Thank you for giving me so much that I can even give to others, I pray that you use me to be a blessing to others. Thank you for 25 years and thank you for another. Thank you for my family, my friends and everyone in my life. Thank you for being my support through the good and most especially the bad. I love You Lord, my life is Yours.


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