Standard #10: Understanding and Patient

“Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly.” — Proverbs 14:29 (NIV)

I just knew now (right at this moment, while typing this post) that patience and understanding goes hand in hand. When I first drafted the standard list I just wrote these two deliberately, without knowing there is a greater reason and purpose why these two are together (I am greatly amazed right now!). I wrote this one as a standard cause if you may have noticed with my previous posts, I am somewhat hard to (maybe improbable) to live with (?). I’ve had so many issues and insecurities, I know people will have a hard time being patient and understanding with my (out of the blue) tantrums.

I myself, honestly is not really patient, thus I am not really understanding as opposed to what I am saying. If understanding is the effect of being patient, then I am not really understanding at all — that is why I am thankful to God, He is using this specific time in my life in order to learn characteristics that I lack and polishing the ones I am good at — so that when the perfect time comes I wouldn’t be so hard to live with and I can truly say “I am understanding”. Enough with the me talk — let’s shift our focus again on the standard.

I think not only the men but the women as well should be patient and understanding. Both must be able to freely give in order to freely receive. And I think if it is true, God’s will, love blossoming between two people — being patient and understanding will just be one of the many fruits of it. No, I am not saying just because there’s no patience there’s no love (But with Corinthians 13, it says love is patient, so it must really be love when there is patience). Rather, we must be ready to extend grace immediately, just as God extended His grace towards us. We must deliberately and selflessly choose how and what to act when at times being patient is hard for us to do, when being understanding is illogical to give.

I might have learned this late, but hey! At least I am now aware and I have now learned the importance of these two, what’s next for me is the application of what I have learned so far. I pray to God that when it’s time to apply the things I’ve learned during this wonderful circumstance, I would pass the test and He would give me two thumbs up for applying them correctly. Also, I am praying to God for someone who will go to his lengths to extend his (grace) patience for me whenever I am hard to talk to (or not talking to). I am praying to God for someone who is very understanding that even my craziest mood swings he’ll still love me and buy me ice cream (lol, just joking!)

If you noticed I changed our attack on explaining this Standard— I don’t have the reasons as to why, I just feel writing this way. Sorry If I haven’t post for long, I am looking for inspiration to finish the Standards. Nevertheless, I promise to complete them and never settle for less or compromise to the standards we wrote here. I hope you too, maybe having a different outlook in life than yesterday, would still continue on waiting on God for His right timing. I know how hard it is to wait, but just be still — didn’t God done this before? Just trust in His timing, ok? Pray and pray and have faith! We’re in this together.

I’ll leave this verse for us to ponder:

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.” Ephesians 4:2 (NIV)

Image: Fotor Banner Creator

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