“Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.” — Psalms 27:14

I admit, at times I pray to God to send the man that I am meant for — to be free of this emotional roller coaster. But every time I do, I am convicted to wait for His timing. Personally, I don’t really get it why I need to wait. But then I chose to trust Him and His promise.

Then I came upon this instagram post which made me understand the “waiting” phase I am in — that I need to heal and prepare myself to the person God will send to me.

Heal to the point that I won’t get the attitude of my exes and may disrupt the relationship. To leave everything behind, including the negative traits I harbored or learned during and after being in the relationship. Heal that I am myself in God’s eyes — flawed and raw.

The underlined phrase is for me, that it is imperative that I heal so I won’t bring my exes attitude on the relationship

Prepare, this one is my favorite, to be the person that will complement him. Unknowingly God prepares me so, that if I am to take a step back and look at me, I am amazed of how God has changed me, and is changing me, from the past few weeks. I am choosing to wait to be able to love and settle for the person who is truly meant for me. My outlook in love has been renewed by Him, my negative attitudes has been pointed out and is being corrected.

And as an added bonus, God is showing me what kind of man he is preparing for me. The man I need and not just want.

Oh yes, at times I am impatient. At times I want to take the matters in to my own hands, I pray to God and tell Him my frustrations. He then lovingly assures me of the future He has in store for me. Yes, I may feel impatient and frustrated in the coming days, but as long as I walk beside God, I know my future will be beautiful.

Trust Him, His timing and His process.


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