Second Chances

“Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.” — Isaiah 43:18

Lately, I have been seeing this word very often — Second Chances. I never really understood what will be its significance in my life (right now) — Do I need a second chance? Will I be the one giving the second chance? And why second chance? Can’t it be just “A New Beginning”? I have raised so many questions, and each time I see it [the phrase] questions seems to add up and there are no answers or even the slightest idea of the topic.

One good day, I decided to maximize the use of the Bible app that I downloaded for a long time — if you’re familiar with it, it is YouVersion. I was just using it’s widget functionality to know what God is telling me (It’s funny — or not? — but I was hoping to use this function the same way when you open your bible randomly and believe God pointed this specific page for you. hahaha! I know, that should not be the right use of the bible — and yes I did that more than once in my life…ahaha! Sorry!). Then I remembered it has reading plans that you can follow as a guide if you don’t have any idea where to start your devotion with God. One specific topic caught my eye — and yes you are correct it was about Second Chance, specifically People of the Second Chance.

I was hoping to get answers to the list of questions (that doesn’t seem to end) once and for all. This will be a good start as to finding answers or just understanding why is it that this word keeps on popping like a mushroom out of nowhere.

I started my reading plan last Monday hoping I would find answers right away, but was dishearten that I have now have more questions and no answer and cannot really grasp the rationale behind the title. Second day reading raised more questions and still no answer. Third day, when I think I gave up on findings the answers that I want (As of writing, I realize the problem as to why there was more questions than answers — might be because the answers that I want is not what I am getting. The scriptures that I am reading does not confirm what I want and I am overlooking the real answers) I finally understood the rationale behind second chances.

If you know me, I am not so generous on giving people second chances — if I have made my decision it can be final and irrevocable. Not so loving eh? As it turns out, I was the one who needs a second chance — an altogether different outlook on love.

Here’s a glimpse of my personal prayer to explain why… (a bit blurry, sorry!)

I know, it may seem hard to grasp and maybe, just like I did before, you may be confused and this post raised a lot of questions— I’ll let God do the explaining to you. You may have something bugging in your mind, or questions you wanted answer to — let go, ask God and believe. You may not know it or even notice, but God is up to something.


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