The Alabaster Ladies

The art of Reckless Abandon. Wait, reckless what?!

Sorry guys, I have been dormant for more than a month. I have been very busy with work (I was not in the house most of the times, as my work may have required me to stay in the dorm near the office — haha!). So now that the holiday vacation started, I thought of using this time catching up with my my writing and what better way to start it than sharing with you the events that transpired yesterday — date night with my girlfriends (yes, as much as it surprises you and me — I go out now. Haha!).

It started off as girls wanting to find time, to know each other better, to go out and to have fun — little did we know God had a different plan for us. He used that time for us to share God’s movement in our lives, in order to inspire one another and learn how to let go and let God’s hand move and steer you. We shared our learnings for the present year and our goals for the next (Hi 2017!).

It started on the dinner table when one of our friend had this idea of sharing the book she read with us. I really liked the twist — not telling us the title of the book so that we will always look forward to the girl’s day (or night, cause we started at 3 PM and ended at 9:30 I think? haha! We girls need to start as early as possible next time! haha!) out. So now, we decided that every time we go out as a group we would share something we have learned that is essential on being a Women of God.

Of course, we started with Chapter One which covered breaking our “Alabaster’s Box” to the only One who make our dreams come true. I liked the idea of it — I had goosebumps hearing it the first time! To give you a glimpse of that Alabaster’s Box is, it is a very expensive gift given to women (by her family) who are in the right age to marry and doesn’t have a spouse yet. Such time she will find the man that she will marry, she will break this box on his feet. It usually contains ointment, oils and perfumes.

Then, we talked about reckless abandon, which may sound crazy and just having these two words together will make you uneasy. In this context it means letting God do the works in your life — by recklessly breaking your Alabaster’s box at God’s feet, it symbolizes you are submitting to Him — just as the bride to her groom.

Next, we discussed how being and carrying the title of a “woman” is not solely based on the status, single or married, nor even having a child for that matter — but being a women starts when you let God use your womenhood for His glory.

Truthfully, I long for these kind of moments — wherein young women gather, help and inspire each other by sharing God’s word. I was really happy I got to know them better and our date was really fruitful. Truly, God is using these people in my life to help change me — moreso, us — to be the Women of God. I am in awe of God’s goodness and that He sends people in your lives whom you will connect spiritually and lift you. When God moves, and you let Him move you, you will find genuine contentment, peace, joy and most of all love. God will provide all of your needs, just recklessly abandon your old self — I, myself, can attest to that.

I’d like to share with you the wonderful excerpt of the book, I hope even by just reading this you will be empowered and inspired, as are we:

She recklessly abandons herself to the Lordship of Christ, diligently uses her single days, trusts God with unwavering faith, demonstrates virtue in daily life, loves God with undistracted devotion, stands for physical and emotional purity, lives in security, responds to life with contentment, makes choices based on her convictions, and waits patiently for God to meet her needs.

I look forward to our next date! I pray to God that He will use this group to bring glory to His name — that every time we meet, time will be well spent knowing God more. I pray for the fellowship to grow, to inspire more women, to learn and most importantly apply what we have learned.

Thank you girls for the wonderful evening, I am blessed to have you! ❤️

“Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.” — Proverbs 31:25


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