Dear 2016, An Open Letter to You Before I Bid Adieu

2016 has almost reached its impasse, only a few more days till the clock strikes 12:00 AM and it’s January 1 again. If 2016 is a person, he (or possibly she?) would be the most hated person on the planet. Let’s face it, we’ve lost great people ever since the start of the year; from Allan Rickman our beloved Snape, and who knew we’re gonna lose Carrie Fisher too, our quirky Princess Leia. Maybe some people are eager for 2016 to end, as they look forward to 2017 which brings a new hope (Huh! See what I did there? LOL! May the force be with you) to everyone who has suffered and lost.

Personally, 2016 is a roller coaster of emotions. Within 363 days (2016, you have 3 more days to clear your name, I suggest you do it now and redeem yourself to us. HAHAHA), maybe only 150 of it I want to remember and other days I just want to forget — but we all know that is not the case. And as I ponder the ending year this morning, out of nowhere I felt sad for 2016 (let’s come back to the idea of 2016 being a person), because he’s taking all the blame, anger and resentment for all the significant losses we’ve had. Poor 2016, he had no idea what he’s done, now everybody’s mad at him and wants him to end.

As Newton’s third law of motion suggest, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In my case, at least, that’s true; Earlier this year I have lost a seemingly perfect job abroad in a matter of formality; I almost lost myself when I had an episode of the ever so famous “quarter life crisis”; We lost a beloved dog; We lost a loving cat; And it’s not news anymore, I lost my heart. But what did I gain from it all? To answer that question I have to quote Amazing Grace, “I was once lost but now I am found”. Which simply imply, those losses were vital for me to gain and discover myself in God’s eyes.

If I did not stop and listen, I would’ve been consumed by the losses. For no matter how hard I look at it, I could not have done it all by myself — in fact, I think I won’t be where I am now if not for Him. By His grace I am found. By His grace I am healed. By His grace I am transformed.

Here I am, resiliently standing and it’s all because of God. God helped me. God sustained me. God completed me.

So, before I bid adieu, and say hello to 2017. My dearest 2016, I want to tell you, you have one less person to worry as I don’t hate you. In fact, I thank God for all the days in your calendar especially those that I want to forget. Thank God because without it, I wouldn’t know how far I can go. Now, with God beside me, I am ready to face 2017 with a hopeful and cheerful heart.

Oh 2016, you are one crazy year! Thank you for the lessons, it’ll be forever in my memory. 😁

“… old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” — 2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV)

A blessed New Year everyone! ❤️


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