To The One Who Will Be

(and stay) #DearFuture

Hi love, I hope you are doing fine right now. Hopefully you did not drink coffee before you sleep or else you’ll end up like me, shaking off the caffeine until, maybe, 1 in the morning (lol! Yes I know, I’m sorry). I just thought of writing something for you, I hope you don’t mind.

Have we met already? Or you are someone new and then steady?
How will we meet?
Will it be discreet?
Will my heart immediately know it’s you?
Will you be the one to prove that love at first sight is true?
When will you come and find me? Will it be today and rescue me?

Did I startle you with so many questions? I’m sorry, my impatience got a hold of me. I might startle you a bit more, because for some weird reason, not having to know your name (even the answer to those questions) excites me. Thus meeting you, in God’s perfect time, will be a magical moment.

Me? (I thought you’d never ask) I am doing great! Enjoying God’s presence and this season of my life. I am discovering who I really am the way God sees me, going to places I’ve never been, turning strangers into friends, even learning how to do the laundry. As for budgeting? Ermm, I may have to master it more (hehehe). Slowly, I am resolving my issues; learning the whats and whatnots — with God’s guidance. I see this waiting season as a blessing for us — the anticipation will be just one of the important variables to solve our equation. This season is also our chance to prepare — be healed, be restored and be ready for what the future may hold.

You know every morning when I wake up, I thank God because it is a day and a step closer meeting you — A step closer to finally having the answers to my questions; A day closer to the start of our lifetime. I think it’s romantic knowing that one day I’ll discover the intricate heart of the person I prayed for. So until then (and even after we meet), I’ll pray for you — your heart and most of all your relationship with God. I also pray and hope to be a blessing to you, to complement you and support you, to take care of you every day for the rest of my life, to love and cherish you for who you are and who you will be, to bring happiness and weirdness to your life — and most of all to be your answered prayer as I know you will be mine.

Until then, while waiting on God, my heart will be full of hope, knowing that someday — one day — soon — I’ll be with the person whom I’ll spend the rest of my life with. For now let’s focus on what God wants us to learn, slowly and surely take a step towards each other. For I know, when that day comes, all that we’ve been through apart will be worth it.

Your answered prayer ❤️


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