Be Moved

A willing heart.

A willing heart is what we must have in order to be where God wants us to be. I know, easier said than done. I’ve struggled, and is still struggling, to lay it all on His feet – I think it is a choice and a process we must take alongside God. It is surely a challenge for someone who is naturally controlling, but by God’s grace – I am on the path that leads me to where I am supposed to be.

John 9:1-6. A familiar story in the bible where in Jesus healed the blind man by making a mud out of His saliva, placing it on the blind man’s eyes and asking him to wash his face on the pool of Siloam. Upon reading this, I took some two points to relate on our current topic:

  • First – and probably the most important point is that – we are just like that blind man, lost. That no matter how much we wanted to see, only Jesus can heal us and set us free from the darkness of the world. It is only by Him that we can be saved.
  • Second – which now relates to our topic – when Jesus already did His part, He instructed the blind man to wash his face to the pool of Siloam. The blind man listened and moved, went to where exactly Jesus wants him to be. If that blind man did not move and ran towards the pool, I think a different story must’ve been told. Listening and hearing Him [God] is not the last step – we should also be willing to move: willing to go where God wants us to go, even if the road might seem frightening, uncertain and sometimes illogical.

Sometimes we stop at listening (I’m guilty as well!), we hear God’s voice and we feel God’s nudge, but we do nothing about it. We opt to stay blind when we can go to Siloam and wash our face in order to see. Most of the times, we have become complacent and relax on our present state – as if hearing God is enough and we don’t do anything about it, until it’s too late.

Let us not wait for our hearts to harden – let us not wait until we cannot hear God’s voice too, because we are too stubborn to be moved. I pray we will have the heart that not only will hear God’s still small voice but will also be willing to be moved, when God tells us to move.

Would you be willing to go where God ask you to go? 


My Prayer

Lord, thank You for Jesus and Your grace. Your sacrifice and love for us, that You are willing to work in our lives. Lord I pray that we will have a heart that longs to hear and listen to Your voice. More so, a heart that is willing to be moved – to go to places You want us to go. I know it won’t be easy, and Lord I know it is scary – guide us in each of our steps. Light our path. And whenever we feel stubborn to follow, always remind us of the beauty of Your promise, remind us of how much we love you, remind us of the blind man that you healed – only by following You.

Thank You Father for this opportunity to know You more. In Jesus Name. Amen.


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