Blessing in Disguise

I could never ask for a different path to be taken.

Just this morning, I had a great experience with God — I got to talk about marriage over breakfast. Wow! I mean not everyone is given that kind of chance! It feels surreal to eat breakfast with God and talk about something you really desire in your heart. Even I am in awe that this just happened to me. Thank God!

It felt like I was given another chance — a chance to look at marriage with a magnifying glass at hand. I was given another perspective about the matter, and surely is an eye opener. At first, I know I was resilient to the change (Oh yes, I saw it as a big burden before, I mean who wouldn’t? The uncertainty?! Oh the horror!) — but now, I am glad I went through it. I never knew how much of a blessing this would be. And no one deserves the praises and the glory but God alone— for He did not let me stay where I am. He knew what I needed and lovingly guided my course as I go through.

Being in this season of waiting:

  • Has got me into learning and, then, giving my undivided attention to God. I was graciously given this chance to focus only on Him at any moment without any distraction. This season made our [God and I] relationship deeper — A deeper relationship wherein I learned how to really open up and trust God for His plans in my life.
  • This season also gave me the chance to have a glimpse of the man God has prepared for me. To pray for him whenever I can about his specific character and trait that God implanted in my heart. Being in this season gave me the chance to know him even without having to actually know him yet personally. (Sounds crazy? Nah!)
  • More so, this season also helped me to see, and be (still in the process), the kind of woman God wants me to be. This season of waiting has also been the season of polishing for me. I’ve entered this season with a bitter heart. I was broken beyond repair (or so I thought). I was angry. I was impatient. (And other more serious issues that will make this post longer…lol) But God helped me face them. One by one we tackled each negative trait and helped me overcome them.

This season has changed me a lot, for the better. The person I was last year is totally different from the person I am today, and I think I will still continue to gracefully grow and mature — with God’s help. Everything that I am, and everything that I will be — I owe it to God. I am forever grateful for what He has done in my life. He changed me — and is still doing so.

Thank God for his love and grace. Thank God for his blessing in disguise.

“Grace carried me here and by grace I’ll carry on.” — Unknown


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