The Almost Heart Attack

Lately, I have always been jumpy and easily surprised — maybe because of my age? Hmm, I’d rather not think so. Never would I forget this particular morning wherein the strength of my heart was (literally) measured by a simple and noble alarm clock. Yes, an alarm clock.

After months of being around my room — from one shelf tossed to another — I have finally decided to use the alarm functionality of the gift I received last December. I have always used my phone as an alarm, but with great desperation to wake up earlier than usual, I opted to use a stronger force (hopefully stronger than the force between my bed and I, lol). I turn the noble clock’s alarm ON.

I confidently slept knowing that I will be awake at the exact time I wanted to be awake (I am really desperate to be awake, lol). 4:30 AM came and as confidently expected, the alarm went on. As calmly as the alarm sounds on our phone were, the noble clock’s alarm was more of a distress call to the nearest fire station, heard until the next town (ok, the next town was a bit of an over reaction). It sounded like a firealarm. To halt the risk of waking everyone in the house up and made them think that the house is on fire — I hurriedly (and panically — if this is the right adverb to be used) reach out to this noble clock and blindly feel for it’s off switch. Thank God it was just near me, imagine if my desperation caused me to move the alarm further to my bedside — complete and utter disaster. Finally, the distress sound was off, and no one, besides I, is awake because of my crazy kerfuffle. (I am pretty sure the alarm rang for only a few seconds, but for me it felt like a lifetime. Ok I’m exaggerating. Lol!)

That must be considered as an exercise cause my heart beat faster that exact moment than when I was running. I promised myself never will I turn the alarm on again (just as I am frightened when I see a pack of Nova chips ever since The Great Chocking Hazard of 2015 — or 2014, another tale to tell). I’m happy and content with it being a cute, noble clock by my bedside — telling me it’s way past my bedtime.

So much for wanting to wake up early and nearly dying out of heart attack. I suggest you think the solutions to your problems very well and do not resolve in desperation — or you’ll end up with a story too funny not to share. Hahaha!

I am giving you the permission to laugh with me (not at me, lol). To this and the next crazy story of my life this 2017 (and the years after). 😘


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