When I Decided to Let God Write My Love (and Life) Story

A letter to the one and only Author of Love

To the greatest Author of all,

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for going my way. For making it seem like I am a better author than You. Funny because, You know me best and You know the future, yet I stubbornly get the pen of my life at Your hands. I’m sorry, I know it’s not mine to use or even hold, but holding the pen of my life just made me feel so much in control, and with that control comes this false sense of peace.

Clearly, I don’t have any idea of what I am doing and to make matters worst I made a mess — but out of that mess, You brought out something beautiful — something wonderful that proves You truly are the greatest Author of life. You started the story, I wrote some chapters and some of those chapters I could never end myself…but You, You picked the pen when I gave writing up. You continued on and write what I left hanging.

For years I have been controlling my life, even when I said I’ll give you the pen, deep within me I still want to hold it. I’m afraid that if I am not involved in writing my story, it just won’t make me happy — won’t make me content. I’m sorry if I keep on ruining Your plots. If I insert unecessary paragraphs, or even chapters to the story that You are writing. If instead of a period I conscicously use comma. I’m sorry if I have ruined everything and thank You for coming to my rescue — for creating a wonderful story out of the scraps and scribbles I made.

I never really understood letting You write my story. As You know, I’m really impatient as to how each chapter will end. Looking back, I know I’ve asked so many times for You to give me a hint. But You know what, now I see the importance of You not answering me. You have given me the sense of suspense that makes me look forward to next chapter — for that I am grateful.

Giving You the pen of my life is not easy, it was a struggle that even today I still experience. Even so, it was the best thing that I’ve ever done in my life — me giving back the pen to You and letting You write each chapter, on my behalf. You removed this burden that I put on myself. And while You countinually and uninterruptedly write my story, You gave me free coffee as well as the best view to see every word You wrote come to life.

Thank You. I never should’ve doubted You in the first place. Thank You that even with crazy floating chapters in my story, You are still willing to continue to write for me. I will try my best, with Your utmost help, not to interrupt You nor to get the pen of my life out of Your hands again.

Thank You my Father — the greatest Author of life, for writing and overseeing my love and life story. Forever, I am grateful.

Title patterned to Eric and Leslie Ludy’s When God Writes Your Love Story


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