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Making the most out of your season of waiting.

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Just went to a Single’s event last night — and I can say, I really enjoyed it. It was my first time to attend alone — and being the introvert that I am, I was alluding awkward eye contacts, “hello”s and “my name is…” (which I think I will really have to work on soon) up until the program started.

We had a very interesting ice breaker. We were instructed to find someone we don’t know yet (luckily for me, everyone is candidate — haha!), ask three questions and answer them as well. We were given a minute to complete the task. The questions were (I loved that before we commenced we were warned that to keep it as a friendly conversation especially when talking to the opposite sex — because let’s face it, in a sea of singles the force, to find or be found, is strong):
1. What is you name?
2. Why are you still single?(Which by the way is the best question of the night, because one — it’s awkward and two — it’s awkward)
3. Memorable moment you’ll never forget.

It turns out the activity was really fun and fulfilling to the point one person is not enough, we asked another. Never did I thought I would open up to strangers (yes, strangerS with capital S. I’m surprised myself as well) and made new connections. There was a local band too, which made the setting relaxed and light. All in all, I’m glad I really find a way to join this event — I would like to thank a good friend of mine for helping me gather information that I can attend as walk-in.

Of course, I did not stay only for the chat and the band —More than that, I wanted to learn about the whats and whatnots of being a single person. Surprisingly, it’s not actually a bucketlist (like travel more, be more adventurous, go hiking) or a life guide — it is more of having a practical outlook (a shake up) of the season we are in. Our speaker, David Bonifacio, was really good at his craft, I liked that he is straight forward to the topic being presented.

So, without further ado, here is my personal take on last night’s event (word of caution, it might be long)Single Minded 2017.

The talk was about the things they [David and his wife] would and wouldn’t do if they were still single.

David’s list of things he wished he didn’t do if he were still single are really practical, especially on the time that we are in. Sometimes we have to be reminded of the basics, cause we tend to overthink. He had four namely (he regret being): Impatient, Fearful, Proud, and Selfish. Because these won’t magically disappear when we get married — in my opinion, it will be magnified. So it is better that now, in our season of waiting, we learn how to let go of these traits or practice being the exact opposite of these four. Of course, we cannot accomplish them by ourselves. In order to overcome them, we would be in dire need of God’s guidance and help. I am not saying we should aim to be perfect and flawless — it’s more of depending on God to help us be patient, courageous, humble and selfless when the situation tells us otherwise. I think it is truly helpful for the role God will call us to fill, in the next chapter of our lives.

Similarly, he wish he: enjoyed the moment (because being single is A-W-E-S-O-M-E), mastered being a servant (to God and to others), served his family (identifying important relationships that God gave us and nurturing it well), and hungered more for righteousness (start being right not just emotionally but as well as financially, physically, and more so spiritually). As much as possible, get out of the “ME”-mentality. To equip ourselves with the right attitude and character to whatever we are called to do so. To be shifted willingly from our unloving selves to a truly loving one.

And to do that here are some daily living tips, that I think is for everyone :
1. Daily Devotion — start your day with God. Fill your day with His fullness and greatness.
2. Daily Reflection — “What the world needs of you and what can you give in return”
3. Daily Giving — Colossians 3:23
4. Daily Planting — sow daily, be wise what you plant and where you plant it. Because someday you’ll reap it.
5. Daily Reaping — being grateful for what the day brought about

This event got me to truly appreciate the season I’m in — its importance in my life. It helped me realize how one’s journey can be fruitful with God, whatever path it is. Also, to remember the basics as sometimes we tend to forget them.

We are in the best time of our lives so let us use this time wisely — to be teachable, to be able to accept correction and to be molded by God

Marriage is not the end goal. Relatively, singleness is just a season — not the end. Trust in Him, in His plans and in His timing.

“We see, hear and we cry, but we do not apply”. — David Bonifacio


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