For Your Own Good

Dear Future Husband,

Honestly, there are moments I feel impatient, and today is one of those moments. Impatient for you to come and find me. It is a struggle that, without God’s help, will make me insane — as each day without you goes by. At times I’m good by myself — I enjoy my own company; laugh at my own jokes, carry on with my own life. But there are moments when I pray and hope I could talk to you — you know, have deep and grown up conversations about life. But then I remembered something I read — might be a passage in a book  or a social media post— about while you are preparing/building yourself, it is best to maintain a non-romantic relationship and let you grow and mature until you are ready. Seeing that we are not yet together, maybe you are still preparing yourself. I could only wish you were here. I could only wish I could talk to you. I could only wish I know you. That is why, my love, for your own good, and mine as well, I will let you focus on building yourself up than to pray on hastening your preparation. Until then, for your own good, I’ll wait. For your own good, I’ll prepare and position myself. Know that even now, I love you and I will try my best, with God’s grace, to protect you of my selfish desires.

Your Future Wife


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