The Gift of Life

I can’t sleep — I thought it was just my brain getting so active cause I’ve written so much today. I guess I’m here again, hiding my deepest, intimate feelings. Hiding the fact that I will miss you, Tatay. Oficially, and unfortunately, we have no grandparents left in this world. We will miss you terribly. I just want to remember you all, this day. Somehow, express my utmost gratitude.

To my Nanay, the person who almost gave me everything that I want. Also, the person whom I thought would stay long to guide me in my teens yet the first one who left me hanging in between. My Nanay, it has been years since you’ve passed yet I still remember every memory that we’ve spent like it was just yesterday — Friday nights spent with you and Tatay, right after school. Friday nights spent watching our favorite — Bubble Gang. I remember laughing our hearts out to every punch line ever made. Then going to sleep in between you and Tatay. I always love our days together, especially when you bring me to the grocery. You always make sure I don’t leave empty handed, I’ll always have curly tops or candy to take away with me. You have been my greatest ally, even greater than my parents. More than that, you’ve taught me never to forget where I came from, to always be grateful to those people who helped you. I remember, on your deathbed you were asking for me, looking for me — I don’t want to go, cause I know it will be goodbye. Christmas was the best season, not just because it’s Christmas but also because it’s your birthday. I missed your Leche Flan, you make the best one. And since then, no Leche Flan was the same. The first Christmas without you was the saddest. It has been years, yet it felt like yesterday. I miss you, Nanay. Tatay is now with you.

To my Lolo, the person who is really proud to have me as his granddaughter — who will fetch me at school just because he can. To the person, who will make sure I have crossed the street safely. I am so proud of having you, did I mention that? I even remember boasting that you are my Lolo. From your work, you always make sure I have had my daily dose of Moo, my favorite chocolate drink. I remember seeing my picture on your wallet, because you said I look cute. I remembered you asking me for my High School grad picture — eventhough we know I’m ugly there, you still proudly placed my picture where you could see it first. I love that you have imparted me the gift of service to people. I love your commitment. Since you passed, New Year was not the same. You and papa share the same birthday, and since then there’s always something missing celebrating new year. I remember having the bad news, I was in the cefeteria —sad because you did not even wait for my birthday anymore. Lolo, thank you for always believing in me, I felt how proud you are to have me.

To my Lola, who always make the three of us laugh. I remember the time when my parents went abroad and it was you who volunteered to watch for us — it was the best one week of our lives cause we get to eat fastfood for a week. You looked out for us really well, I must’ve forgotten to thank you for it. I remember the nights we’ve spent that week, we were always laughing not because of what we’re watching but because you answer like you are part of the cast as well. Your laugh was really funny. I must’ve gotten my fondness of cats to you — I remember you having two cats, Rufa and Peypey, and you always let me play with them. I remember buying flowers, for Lolo and for Nanay —because it’s nearing November 1 — never did I know I will be needing another one for you. You left us just a few days after my 24th. My Lola, you taught me the value of innocence and to see life at a different pespective — to always smile and laugh.

And now, to my Tatay, I thought you’ll spend more time with us. But I guess, God’s plan is better — I believe this will be for better. Thank you, for always taking care of me, for being the epitome of a true gentleman. I remember, during our Friday Night dates, you will always ask me what I want for breakfast. Then you will wake up, early in the morning just to make sure that before I open my eyes I have what I want and more — may it be spaghetti, sopas, champorado or hot pandesal — I name it, you are sure to get it. I remember how handsome you are, your deep brown eyes and your husky voice, as well as your gentle and quiet spirit. I am also fond of our memories on your little farm, I get to watch you and Nanay tend to your crops — I think Papa got his green thumb from you. I also remembered showing you for the first time my license — you were so surprised and so proud that I am the first out of all your grandchildren to have an engineering license. You were really happy, your smile it’s just sweet. I wish I could’ve given more than what you gave me. It was you who taught me how essential it is to be peaceful and quiet at times. To be hard-working. The news has never really sank in, until now. But you now, in a way I’m happy — you’ve waited for so long to be with Nanay. I’m just happy you are together again — please say “Hi” for me — to Nanay, Lolo and Lola.

Thank you Nay, Tay, Lolo and Lola for your life. You have somehow imparted one or two traits to me — you have all taught me a lesson I will cherish and even teach my future children. As hard as it is to say goodbye, we really have to — it’s part of life. You will all be in our hearts and in our memories.

Thank you for giving us our parents and for raising them up — I can say without all of you, we wouldn’t be here. My brothers and I, we’re all blessed to have been raised by you — to have known you and to have spent time with you. Now that we officially don’t have any grandparents left in this world— we will make sure to love our parents even more. To cherish them and give only the best. To serve them as they have served you.

I know it is not right to say anymore, but just to comfort myself — please look out for us.

Thank You my dearest grandparents. I thank God for your life. Till I see you.



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