10 things I learned Watching Beauty and The Beast

Whether the recent film or the 2004 French movie version or the 1991 Disney cartoon, I have always loved Beauty and The Beast. There is something about Belle and Beast’s story that is appealing. Maybe it was because Belle saw through Beast’s physical appearance or something about Belle’s charm that melted the facade of Beast and showed her who he really is. It’s enchanting. It’s romantic. It’s magical. Over and over again, through the years, it has touched my heart. Actually, the recent movie left me in tears – reason still unknown – and some learnings I’d love to share with you.

So here are the 10 things I learned watching Beauty and The Beast (P.S. I’ll try my best not to spoil too much, I promise! Nevertheless, you’ve been warned) :

  1. Sing. Just because. For no reason at all just sing your hearts out. (Also, to practice your vocals for when you become the next Belle or Beast or Gaston, you’l never know!)
  2. Never settle for less. Let your standards be unshakeable. Just think what would’ve been of Belle if she said yes to marrying Gaston? Or Belle just settling for the Provincial Life? (As for me, I wouldn’t be able to gasp in amazement when I saw who Cogsworth was towards the transformation *in Lumière accent*) (Also sings *there must be more than this provincial life*)
  3. Stand out. Be weird! Belle was troubled because she knew the townspeople think she’s different. Truthfully, people around us will always have a say in what we do, at least do what we love even if it meant being different. (I suggest reading Craig Groeschel’s  WEIRD: Because Normal Isn’t Working)
  4. If it’s meant to be it will be. Remember the log that was hit by lightning? Shouldn’t it block Maurice’s way, he wouldn’t be caught by Beast and Belle wouldn’t rescue her father and so on and so forth. (Oops! I’m sorry for spoiling that! *insert innocent grin here*)
  5. Be brave. Should Belle become afraid when her father did not return and just accepted her doomed fate and marry Gaston, wouldn’t she know Beast? Should she become afraid and followed her father to leave him be, wouldn’t she discover who Beast really is? (Yup, just throwing some questions)
  6. Never judge people by their looks. Some are well-clothed but ill-mannered. Take a minute to look inside the heart person’s heart.
  7. Always choose to see the positive.  Be the light to people in darkness. Just as Lumière is to Cogsworth.
  8. Play through the pain. Because it might be your only chance of doing it. Your one shot. Analyze if it’s worth doing and do it – just like Maestro Cadenza.
  9. It’s ok to cry. In this cruel world today, we are left with no choice but to be strong. But sometimes life hits us hard and it’s ok to cry – to rest for a bit. After the last teardrop, stand up again and fight – never fear for God is with you in every step.
  10. Come back. There will come a time in your life when you had to choose on which path to be taken or to prioritize (When Beast gave Belle the chance to go to her father and save him). And sometimes we are given the choice to come back or stay as we are (When Belle and Maurice was locked), remember that you can always choose to come back (and Belle asked her father’s help to go back and help Beast). Because at times, what you’re looking for is always there (Beast’s reaction when he realized Belle came back for him. Huhuhu! I’m crying again…it’s ok to cry right? *sobs*)

There’s more but I think I’ll stop at ten, cause if not I’ll just end up spoiling you the whole movie (and we don’t want that – more so, it’s 12 AM already, and I have work tomorrow). Truly, this tale as old as time will always have a special place in my heart, for all time.


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