Helpful Prayer Points For Women of Every Season

Everyone of us is waging the most important war of all time – a battle dwelling spiritually. With this comes a realization that it is imperative to cover anyone that I love in prayer. Not long ago, it was revealed to us that our prayer is so powerful that it should not be wielded as the last resort but our first defense. So even though this particular person is not yet in my life – I decided to cover him in prayer, for as often as I can. I think the “him” paved way to this person’s identity – and I think you guessed it right – it is no other than my future husband. Because just like I do, he may also experience difficulties and troubles in life – that only God can help.

I was inspired to draft prayer points that we, women – whether single, in a relationship or married – can use of. And don’t you think it is pretty romantic to pray for that special someone? To manage your expectations, I will be giving you a simple prayer and not my actual prayers. This is because (one) I want my prayers to be really special that only God and I knows about it (I hope you can understand) and (two) since my prayers are special I want yours to be one as well – believe me, words will flow out of your heart, you just need a little push *wink*.

To make it fun, and for you and I to easily remember and incorporate these points to our daily prayers, I devised it in such a way that it corresponds to human body parts – you can start from head and work your way down to the toe – at the back of your mind, you know that every part is a prayer point. There is no right or wrong way to do this, you can have your own prayer strategy. You may opt to pray for one point a day (Hint: there are 15 prayer points) or all points in one prayer – it is actually up to you and what God has revealed you. So are you ready? Cause I am. Let’s start!

Lord, first of all thank You that I am able to come to You and for giving me this wonderful opportunity to pray for my future husband.

Lord I ask for You to give my future husband the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that he needs in order to make life decisions. Guide him not to trust on his own, but to trust You, always. Give him a sound mind.

I pray he would have eyes that would see the beauty and the good in every people and circumstances, no matter how perverse this world is. Remove any cloud of uncertainty that would make his vision of Your promises hazy and unclear. Protect His eyes that will only look at You.

May his ears yearn not only hear but listen to Your word and instructions with an intent to follow. Surround him with people who are grounded in You, that will help boost his morale and will give him godly advice.

I pray, that his lips will always speak the truth, encouragement, and love. May his lips be able to build me, our future children and other people as well. That when we hear him talk, we would be highly inspired.

Lord, give him shoulders that will be able to carry on the responsibilities of being the head of the household. I know how big and frightening those responsibilities are, help him not to carry it all alone.

I pray that his chest will be to hold and protect me as well as our family. In which my body and soul will take comfort knowing that I am protected not only by him, but by You as well.

May his arms be always open to give me the warmest hug and comfort me in the darkest moments of my life. May his arms be able to easily get a hold of me – easy to forgive any imperfections.

I pray that when he looks at his wrist he will become aware of the time. Give him the wisdom to truly know how to value each moment – to know when to work and when stop and savor the moment life has given us.

May both of his hands be firm to hold fast to You, yet so gentle and generous to help other people out, especially those whom he loves dearly.

Lord, I yearn for a heart, a heart that only beats for You.

I pray that he would have a backbone, a spine that would be able to stand for what he believes in and having unshakable resolve for what is right.

May you give him a stomach that is able to digest Your word correctly and have this passion share it to others as well

I pray that his legs would be strong enough to endure the race that You have called him to. Light his way, my Father. And if he gets tired, teach him not to quit but to take rest in You.

May his knees be ready to humbly fall down in Your presence. To always be prayerful that the moment he wakes up, he will look at You for guidance.

Lastly, I pray, may his feet be willing to move and walk wherever You want him to go. May he never get tired to walk in Your footsteps.

Lord I know how much responsibility this is for him. That’s why I come to You, and ask for Your guidance and help for me to be the right person – to encourage him and to care and to love him all the days of my life. To know how to submit to him and follow him without retaliation and condescension.  I know that he is imperfect, just as I am, teach me how to be lenient, accept his flaws and imperfection. To be patient with him and forgive him easily when he makes mistakes. May my tongue be used to build him up and inspire him – not to tear him down. Polish us now, and prepare us for the future together. May I always show my love for him, especially in difficult times. And most importantly, may Your will be done in our lives.

In Jesus Name. Amen.

Now, these prayer points are not limited to our future (or already) husbands but to other people as well – especially if you are burdened to pray them. Let us pray fervently to our Father, who always, always hears His children.

I hope the points above helped you in any way possible. God bless you! Keep on praying! 😊


6 thoughts on “Helpful Prayer Points For Women of Every Season

  1. I love this prayer! I prayed it over my husband as I read.

    I only went through a short time of praying for my future husband, but now that I’ve met my husband and heard about his life, that short time actually coincided with one of the most difficult times of his life, when he needed prayer the most. It’s amazing how God works!

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