Shared Lives

“No man is an island.”

The famous quote validated in Genesis 2:18 as it says “…It is not good for the man to be alone…”. God gave us our families, our friends, our loved ones, and our spiritual family to be with us in this journey. In this post, I’d like to focus on the last group of people – our spiritual family.

Our spiritual family is more than the people we get to praise and worship God together at one church. They are more than our seat mates that we smile whenever we want to. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ. These people are a fresh set of eyes we can use in order to gather new perspective. They help us steer to the right direction. They impart wisdom and knowledge based on their experiences. They pray for and with us in this good fight of faith. They strengthen our faith, hold us up when we feel down. They sharpen us like iron sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17) – lovingly and courageously points out our mistakes just so we can’t stumble and fall.

Yes, you heard it right, these people sharpens us just as iron sharpens another. But you may say, when iron comes in contact with another, friction arises. It does and it will always do. I remember what Pastor Steve Murrell said “Disagreement is ok. Disrespect, dishonor, and disunity is not.”. When we let friction control us instead of polish us, fear of disappointment and/or pride of knowing it all cripple us and put a wedge on our relationships. It stops us from communicating – relationship then, withers and die. It is up to us whether we are to take it personally or use it as a tactical advantage – if we let people sharpen us, they do not just sharpen themselves but us as well.  We, altogether, mold, correct and smoothen the characters of both until such time we all get ready to be wielded for our battle is not of the flesh but of the spirit (Ephesians 6:12).

Sharing lives with people, especially with strangers, is not as easy as it seems, we will have reservations, frictions, and misunderstandings but when we put God in the center of it, it’ll flourish and bloom. Our spiritual family will always be the ones who helps us along with our family and friends in times of trouble. They fervently pray for us and listens to every woes. They go beyond to correct us and point our mistakes just so we can reflect and act upon it. They balance us. They even get to see our very own potentials when our visions are clouded.. They share our joy and pain. They also show grace and mercy. In a way, we see God is evident in their lives that inspires us to know God more. It increases our spiritual hunger and raises our spiritual temperature. Truly, these people we have in our lives are a blessing from God.

I encourage you to join a spiritual family – for lives are meant to be shared. Strengthen, build, and most of all pray for one another. God gave us the gift of companionship, let us use this to give more glory to the One who is worthy of all – Jesus.


6 thoughts on “Shared Lives

  1. I’m so blessed to have a spiritual family to grow with, meditate God’s word with, and pray with…we have witnessed one another’s journeys, milestones, peaks and valleys, and have grown in our love for the Lord and for one another over years of sharing lives. I pray that every follower of Jesus can have a similar experience!

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