A Letter To My Old Self

Hello self from June 27, 2016,

There were actually no questions for me to ask to you as I already knew. I’m pretty much sure you have so many questions for me that I hope I can answer. Unfortunately, I can’t because some of it are still left unanswered, even until now.

Honey, I am writing to warn you. Brace yourself for a storm is coming your way – one that you thought you won’t survive. Well, seeing that I am writing to you, means you are alive and well – really, really well. I just want to tell you to not give up – don’t you ever dare give up on us. You won’t understand why and we still don’t, but that’s ok. You’ll fall, but you’ll stand up again, with His help. Just keep moving forward, no matter how small the steps you make, just move – crawl if you must.

You know, a time will come you’ll forget how to pray, but don’t worry we learned again, and  we still are learning. We managed to learn and apply “let go and let God”. We also tried and leaped out of faith, got out of the familiar and faced nothing but uncertainty. You may wonder “Is it worth it?” Well, honey, yes, it’s worth it! We’ll discover love genuinely. We’ll discover friendship differently. We’ll discover the Author, Himself, wholeheartedly. The journey, my dear, will be one of your hardest but will be the most fruitful one. You’ll bloom into someone you never knew will exist. You’ll grow up, but still love ice cream. And your antics won’t ever change – you still are eccentric, gracefully eccentric that is.

You will feel alive, more alive than you ever you felt before. You’ll get to wander on streets you’ve never been. You’ll be lost and found. You’ll try things no one thought you could. Most of all, you will encounter God and your life will be changed, dramatically. You’ll understand what it means to be loved and be enough. Yes, you’ll struggle in the coming days, months perhaps, but know that there are people around you who truly cares. You’ll meet a lot of new faces who will be with you in your new journey, they’ll inspire and help you. Treasure them. 

Before this letter even gets dramatic and we both start crying, I just wrote this to say never give up on God. Honey, trust on His plans – His plans are always the best for you and me, even if at times we can’t comprehend. Hold fast to Matthew 6:33. Hold His hands and you’ll never feel afraid nor alone. Tell Him all your worries and burdens, He’ll replace them with peace and joy. Do all the things for His glory, it won’t be in vain. Take it one day at a time. Don’t rush. Remember this – God loves you, more than anything else.

I would like to tell you more about it, but I think you can manage. Lastly, I just want to say thank you for being brave, for being strong – I’m inspired by you. Know that I’ll be rooting for you. My dear, I’ll hear from you soon.


Yourself from June 27, 2017


4 thoughts on “A Letter To My Old Self

  1. Love it. You were so gracious to yourself- a quality I admire. I am glad that you persevered and your trust in God was strengthened!

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