“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”
– Ecclesiastes 3:1

Here in the Philippines we only have two seasons: dry and wet. Dry, our own version of summer, wherein there is always less chance of rain. Then, of course, wet when we can expect much rain, sometimes too much. Though we don’t have fall and spring, I’ve seen leaves fall from trees especially nearing the Christmas season, and then bloom afterwards.

I haven’t experienced the glory of the four seasons myself, yet – hopefully I can. Even so, I think my favorite of all would be winter – where all is calm, hidden beneath the cold, white snow. If we can appreciate the beauty of these seasons, then we could probably do the same with the different seasons life bring.

Observing these seasons, we can say that they are not forced. Actually, they are well organized. It just comes naturally. One season preceeds another, a never ending cycle – that brings out the best, as well as the worst.

Most often than not, we focus too much on the worst season. Why? Maybe because most, if not all, of the times the worst season: hurt, frustrates, overwhelms, and paralyzes. It may also seem to never end and God seemed to be most quiet. But if we are to put our optimistic hat on – we can realize that aside from appreciating the best season that is yet to come, the season that we hate most is actually where we develop endurance, hope, character, and wisdom. A great room for us to improve. How can we do so?

Let’s shift our focus on the trees and the flowers. Have you observed anything? Notice that they don’t force their way out? They patiently wait for one season to come. Not only that, they make the most out of every season – blooming when it’s spring; letting their leaves fall when it’s autumn; hiding in snow when it’s winter; and enjoying the sun when it’s summer. To simply put, just be in that season – be exactly where God wants you to be. Have a faithful heart towards God – who knows exactly when our seasons end. Expect that the best is yet to come. Why? Because we trust not in the season, but in our Creator. Though seasons change, He will always remain constant (Malachi 3:6).

I know, it’s easier said than done – I’ve been there, probably still am. Just trust in Him. Let us open our hearts and have faith on the things yet seen. You may be in winter for a month. I may be in fall for weeks. They may be in summer for days – remember that all of these are important. All of these lead towards God. After all, it’s all about Him.

Enjoy every season and learn as much as you can from them. Most importantly, ask God to be with you in every walk and in every journey – surely, it’ll always be the best you’ll have.

Our Prayer

Lord God, thank You for every season in our lives. Thank You for the best ones and, equally, the worst ones. I pray for a humble heart, that will always ask You be with us in every season we are in. A heart that won’t forget You in the best and won’t blame You in the worst. I pray you give us a heart that will always seek You in every season.

I pray for joy and peace, even when there is chaos. I pray for humility, when we are at our best. I pray for Your guidance, throughout the course of all our seasons. I pray that You strengthen our hearts, prune our character, and make us more like You.

Lord, we humbly admit that we can’t do this alone – though sometimes we want to. We humbly admit that we need You, in good times and most especially in bad times. Help us to trust in You, not on the season that we are in. Help us know You more and experience Your love deeper.

Thank You, because all of this are for our best. Thank You for the wisdom and the character we’ll eventually build up. Help us apply all that we learn in our daily lives.

In Jesus Name. Amen.

Title and blog inspired by Hillsong’s The Peace Project, Seasons.

8 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. I’ve often viewed life as a comparison to those seasons. Here in Canada we experience all 4 seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter). When life is challenging and especially hard, I feel like it’s winter, but when exciting, new things are happening, it’s my spring.

    But, there is beauty in all the seasons. While winter is my least favourite season, there’s so much beauty in it. Winter is beautifully white, quiet, and still. I love how the snow looks like diamonds and the icicles that shimmer on the eaves. There’s beauty in the “winter” of our lives too — God asks us to be thankful in ALL things… this means all season too.

    Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Thank you for this post! I’m going through a season of a lot of waiting and it can be so hard to trust God through it. I love how you compared it to the seasons of nature. Also love where you said “we trust not in the season but in our creator!”


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