New Blog Series: #RelationshipGoals

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Transformed by Grace has turned one last August, and as you remember last year we had our first Blog Series named Project:Standard. I was actually reluctant this year, because I can’t think of any good series to follow up, until last night.

I was reading up on 1 Corinthians 11, about head coverings. It was contoversial actually, for if you read it as is and took it literally, would result to legalism. I asked God for help, to understand the scripture – until He revelaed to me something about submission – specifically wives’ submitting to their husbands (would be one of our topic for this blog series). And since I have read so much about marriage and love over the course of my devotion, I thought why not collate all of them on a notebook and perhaps really learn more about it – and then #RelationshipGoals was created.

I am not creating this solely for myself, actually I wanted to collate all this for my future kids – and now, I think God is telling me to share the journey with you.

It won’t all be all about romantic love – no, it to be all about love in general: a father’s love, a mother’s love, sibling’s love, friendship – relationships we have here on earth. Are you excited? Cause I surely am! I mean who wouldn’t? We’ll be learning love not only from the Author of Love, but Love Himself.

Join me in this journey, as we uncover #RelationshipGoals in light of God’s Truth. I pray we open our hearts to whatever God will reveal to us – whether be it have renewed and wise heart and mind towards relationships, or even a completely new outlook about love.